Welcome to Lice Studio. We are a team of registered nurses that are awesome at removing head lice and giving you peace of mind. 



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"As Registered Nurses we have a passion to help others and we started Lice Studio to do just that...help families with head lice removal! We take care of your head lice needs in one treatment while providing education all along the way to teach you techniques to prevent this from happening in the future. We were trained and certified in head lice removal by the Shepherd Institute, a world renowned lice treatment training and education center, so you are in great hands with Lice Studio!" -Lice Studio Founders

                                              *must meet criteria 

                                              *must meet criteria 

We guarantee our treatment, you’re in good hands! We will remove everything we can see on your first appointment and with the recommended daily combing and one week follow up visit, we guarantee our work! We do guarantee your child will be allowed back into school after we complete the head lice removal treatment.