Price List

Head Check                                               $20

One week post treatment re-check           $20

Head Lice Removal                                    $85/hour  
(time depends on thickness of hair and severity)

Minimum Lice Removal Charge                  $60

After Hours/Holidays                                  $125/hour

School/Daycare Head Checks                   Call For Pricing
(group check services available)

**Average Head Lice Treatment Time is about 1.5-2.0 hours 



Head Lice removal services are covered by most flex spending accounts. We provide the necessary paperwork to help you file your insurance claim. Please contact your insurance company to determine coverage, as we Do Not Accept Insurance. We do accept FSA and HSA credit cards.


Treatment Process

Lice Studio offers head lice treatments at home or in studio, and we offer head lice checks at daycares & schools, for clients of all ages.

Arrive with Hair:

  • Clean & Dry 

  • No Products or Oils

  • Combed & Tangle Free

Step 1

Head will be checked for evidence of head lice. This process will take about 15 minutes, if negative for head lice no further treatment is necessary.

Step 2 (If Lice present)

Our staff use the Shepard Method for head lice removal.

Non-toxic, chemical free treatment is used to safely and effectively remove head lice and nits with a strand by strand approach.

Follow up appointments will then be set up for 7 days post treatment to ensure the client is head lice free.

Lice Studio Guarantee


Of course we guarantee our treatment, you’re in good hands! We guarantee we’ll remove everything on your first appointment and with the 7 day follow up visit, we guarantee our work for 30 days following your initial treatment! Also, your child will be allowed back into school after we complete the head lice removal treatment.

For our 100% guarantee to be valid you must take the following steps: 

  • With a paid recheck, Lice Studio will check the client on day 7 to ensure client is lice free.

  • All family members who are found to have head lice must be treated by Lice Studio.

  • If after these steps are taken and you can provide evidence of head lice within 30 days of the initial visit, we will treat again for free!

  • Paid recheck is $20 in studio. Recheck in the client's home is $20 plus $75 travel fee

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Lice studio services Minneapolis, all surrounding areas including the South Metro.